A Beautiful Beginning…

Welcome to Shoots N Giggles – your online destination to shop, learn and have fun with all things guns. If someone had asked me 20 years ago if I thought I’d ever be doing this, let alone even own a gun, I would have thought they were crazy. I never grew up around guns, never shot one until several years ago, and certainly never thought it would become a passion. But about five years ago, I made a personal decision to be in the best possible position to protect myself and my loved ones if the need ever arises. That decision led to the purchase of my first gun, a Glock 19, and that’s when the addiction began!

Before I bought my first gun, I made another extremely important commitment to myself: I would not own a gun until I felt completely comfortable with its operation; understood all of the safety requirements of handling a gun; and was committed to continuing my proficiency – and that meant education and practice on what it means to safely own and operate a firearm. I quickly learned that this is an ongoing process and something that never, ever ends.

As my experience and proficiency grew, I met more and more women in all facets of my daily life that either loved guns and just never had an opportunity to shoot on a regular basis, or who had never shot a gun before but were interested (at various levels) but just didn’t know where to begin. That’s when I started to realize there are very few reliable resources specifically geared towards women shooters, and even fewer ways to show off my newfound love of the sport. I love bling – bling on my clothes, bling in my jewelry and bling just about anywhere I can get it. I’m a girl, and short of some pink camouflage range bags and t-shirts every now and then (mostly geared towards hunters), I couldn’t find any cute shirts, hats or jewelry that I would love and be proud to wear. After going to a couple of large well-attended gun shows, I realized that there was absolutely nothing that spoke to me and said “buy me” (okay, apart from a few very cool guns). So that’s when Shoots N Giggles was born.

We hope you enjoy the site, find some fun things to buy and learn along the way. Be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and check back from time to time, as we’ll be adding new items frequently along with practical knowledge and information specifically for women shooters. We’re rapidly growing and hope to soon be THE premiere destination for women to shop, learn and have fun with all things guns!

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