It’s ironic that just this weekend I began putting together my first trauma kit, and then I woke up Monday morning to the horrific news about the Las Vegas mass murder. I’m not going to go into the gun debate here, as that will be covered and discussed ad nauseam
Wow - what a difference a year can make! At this time last year, I participated in the very first Wo-Man Camp tactical training by Assault Counter Tactics (you can read about that experience here). It was also my very first tactical firearms training, and I learned I had a
[caption id="attachment_2389" align="aligncenter" width="299"] What would you do if you had to face this?[/caption] I’ll start by saying this: “EVERY SINGLE CCW CARRIER and EVERY SINGLE PERSON WITH A GUN IN THEIR HOME, MUST TAKE HOUSE/ROOM CLEARING TRAINING! When I signed up for this class, I thought it was a
  I saw a poll posted on the Internet today that asked “If you knew there was going to be a gunfight on your route home, what would you take?”   At the time of writing this blog post, there are so far 328 comments, many of which talked about which
I’m guilty, I admit it. I don’t ALWAYS carry my gun with me when I leave the house. I almost always remember that I should/need to take it. I know that no matter how good my gun is and how great of a shot I may be, if it’s not
I had a dream last night. I was riding on a train (or subway) by myself in the evening. It was very crowded, maybe rush hour, and a pair of unknown men sat on either side of me, which at first did not alarm me. The lights were dim or
There’s an industry term we learned at SHOT Show 2017: “pink it & shrink it.”   Apparently that’s what a lot of the gun industry thinks of us ladies: take our existing product, slap a coat of pink or purple paint on it, make it smaller and voila, we have a gun
Walking into the SHOT Show for the first time is an overwhelming experience for anyone.   We weren’t sure what to expect being women in a predominantly male-dominated industry, but we were sure excited to find out. As we looked through the crowd of the more than 60,000+ attendees, we saw
We’re heading out to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas today, the world’s largest gun industry trade show. Manufacturers and distributors from all over the world are exhibiting to show retailers, shooting professionals, law enforcement, media and more their latest and greatest products that improve shooting sports and self protection.
I took a new-shooter friend to the range last week to introduce her to firearms. Before we left I wanted to do some holster work, so I stepped off the concrete platform onto the grass and positioned my holster on my hip at my normal two o’clock carry position. My